About Us

Yoder Drilling is a full service drilling contractor specializing in a variety of drilling applications
in the areas of Geo-TechnicalGeothermal, and Water Wells.

Founded in 1967 by Christ J. Yoder, the company has created a legacy of Quality, Integrity, Value, and
Service that spans 4 generations.

Christ’s son, Daniel Yoder, was a designer and visionary in the mining industry. He saw a great need
during the late 70’s to provide accurate stratta logging and rock coring. As a result, he gathered existing
drill technologies and incorporated them into a custom drill rig design.

Several improvements later, this rig and others like it, are part of a 6 drill fleet that offers a wide range
of drilling applications for Yoder Drilling and its customers.

Our current president, Tim Yoder, has been an innovator in the geothermal loopfield industry. He has
developed and improved processes for geothermal loopfield installations, which gained him a position
on the developmental working group that wrote the guidelines for vertical geothermal bores in the
State of Ohio.

Adding a full service of water well installations, Yoder Drilling continues to diversify and expand its
services. Drilling & professional water well hookup, complete with solar and electric pumps sets offers a rounded out complete package for you.

Production is the key motivator. Improving drilling technologies, reducing operating times, and
providing accurate data to our customers at a reasonable price is what separates Yoder Drilling from
the competition.

Whatever your need, give us a challenge and we’ll make a hole!